Since 2008, when I opened Catherine H., I have been on a mission: To create a welcoming space where women can find casual-chic clothing that is soft, flattering, unique yet timeless, and classic- with-a-twist.

Each season I assemble a new collection, hand-picking items from different designers with my clients’ tastes and lifestyles in mind. I choose designers whose products are ethically-made and consistently high quality, and whose passion for their creations is evident. My aim is offer my clients a positive and fun shopping experience, and to help them build a wardrobe with clothes they will wear again and again, clothes that will make them feel like their best selves.

“I am surrounded by a group of very talented women whose vision aligns with mine. Like me, their goal is to help you discover different looks by mixing, matching, and layering, so that you select designs that flatter, fit, and feel great on your body.”

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